The Discipline of Silence

7os_26cb1wo-griffin-keller.jpgSilence. Rest. Rhythm. I crave and need these things, but always seem to be running from them. It boggles my mind how, sometimes, the very thing that sustains us, also repels us.

The moment quite fills the room, the need to snuff it out with noise arises and I find myself scrolling facebook videos or scrolling Netflix for yet another TV series to binge watch.

When I was younger, I filled my day with distractions so I never had to deal with the depression and the pain that I felt. The moment there was quiet, there were intense and painful feelings, and I desperately wanted to avoid them. I guess over the years, the noise has become a habit…my comfort zone. But I’m finding myself, more and more, drawn to just being present. Challenged to set aside the distractions that I’ve created, and fill myself with more than a barrage of shows, music and activities. To stop. To listen intently and pay attention to the thoughts and feelings that I’m experiencing.

I’ve been thinking a lot on spiritual disciplines and practices. The things that help us practice relationship with God, and not just go through the motions of what we think it means to be a Christ follower.

The theme of leaving behind the frantic and pursuing peace has repeated itself over and over, and when something repeats itself, I pay attention.

Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still and know that I am God.” It starts with “Be still.” It begins with “Be.”

So I’m learning to just “be”. Learning that the quiet ushers in peace and a chance to hear my Fathers voice more clearly. God has so many things to say, but He doesn’t always speak with earthquakes or fire. Sometimes, it’s in the whisper of the wind, and we have to be quiet enough to hear it.



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