Fortuitous Feasts (or were they?)

The life and death of Jesus had been in the works for centuries.

Three days and Jesus rose from the grave. 40 days and he ascended into Heaven. (This moment is pivotal BTW. It’s not his death or even his resurrection that was unique to him, but the ascension that set him apart.) 50 days and his disciples received the Holy Spirit.

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Good Grief

Funerals are a strange thing. I once had someone mention how the way we handle death in this country is incredibly unhealthy for the grieving, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it yet.

How are you supposed to grieve?

When I was in my 20’s, I witnessed a young girl die after her wire harness failed during a performance. I received an email shortly afterwards, along with every other audience member, about how to process the incident. It simply detailed how to grieve.

It was the first time someone told me what grieving looked like. Until then, it was always isolated, private, and internal. No one shared their grieving process; what was healthy for them, what was unhealthy. Read More…