Baby Ranson Is Coming!


The past couple of years have taught me two things: One, suffering well isn’t easy, but God always shows up. And two, celebration and grief are hard to experience at the same time. For those of you awaiting your own miracle, I pray celebration finds it’s way across your doorstep. The journey is difficult, but the nearness of God can be the most tangible, and real life preserver we’ll ever have.


I wish I had space to tell you all of the wonderful ways God has met us the last few months. Even though our hearts were weary, and our faith wavered, He never stopped running after us to say, as He always has, “I’ve got this. I have YOU.”

We are now in our second trimester, 4 healthy & happy ultrasounds under our belt, and ready to tell the world that BABY RANSON IS COMING!

One of the beautiful things about suffering, is how God always redeems it. We have suffered hard, and now I want to CELEBRATE hard.

I’m still wrestling with what God has to say about suffering, and loss, and hope. I can’t explain it, I can’t promise that all my desires and longings will come to fruition. But I’m trying to find that balance of being patiently expectant, and keeping my hands open.

I am so grateful that we get to start this new journey. Before we moved to Michigan, we had someone speak over us that we were to be moving into a new season of family, that I would be a Mama, and that it would play a big role in the next season of our lives. I had no idea how much of a role it would play, but I knew, one way or another, I WOULD be a Mama. And my husband would be a Dad. I am so incredibly grateful that it’s like this.

Baby Ranson, your Dad and I have prayed and hoped and prepared for you!  Your Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, spiritual family, have prayed so hard for you. You are so wanted, and so loved ALREADY. We can’t wait to meet you! Now please just eat good and sleep well, okay?

Love, Your over-the-moon-for-you-already Mom & Dad.

P.S. This is your Dad’s attempt to smile…he’s cute 🙂


  • There are not enough words for ‘happy’
    And ‘grateful’. But those things are true times infinity!! 💕

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