Glimpse into Parenthood

This morning, I got a beautiful and terrifying look into what kind of Mom I might be someday. And THIS my friends, is another wonderful reason why I think every married couple should have some sort of demanding pet before they have children. It’s INCREDIBLY insightful.

For the first time, we decided to take Oakley to a professional groomer. We’ve been bathing and grooming her in our home, but the weather’s a bit chilly (thus eliminating the backyard scrubdowns) and she’s a whole heck of a lot bigger and furrier than when we we first brought her home! The groomer is close to work, so Oakley and I had a lovely 30 minute car ride at 7:30 in the morning. With the windows down to air out her farts and satisfy her need to see and experience everything, we whipped up to the groomer. As we drove, I was excited…Excited to spend some more time with her on the way to work, excited for her to get super squeaky clean, excited we found a place close to my job. But the moment we pulled into the parking lot, my maternal instincts must have kicked in. Which, BTW, am I COMPLETELY CRAZY for having such protection over a DOG?! I hope not. Because I don’t think that’s changing anytime soon…

We walked in, I looked around, quickly trying to observe the surrounding, the staff, the set-up, the dogs . A lady came up and without a word, quickly dropped Oakley’s collar and replaced it with her own leash. Wait, it was much more dramatic than that. I was feeling the re-assuring tug of her leash as I was trying to figure out what was going on and suddenly the leash fell, along with my sense of calm. The lady (who abruptly took my dog-child away) walked Oakley back and through a door where I could no longer see my puppy anymore. I hear barking and yelping of dogs who are certainly violent and may bully my precious and sweet little puppy. Her tail tucked between her legs as she was escorted away, all I wanted was to walk back with her and be re-assured that she felt comfortable and I felt secure in the care that was given.

I walked away nearly in tears. TEARS PEOPLE! For what? My dog. Oh Lord, if I am this emotional and this protective about my dog, what do my own children have to face? I would like to think that I would be a carefree mother who doesn’t panic at every potential danger or harm, but the evidence of this morning suggests that this may not be the case. Perhaps my children will grow to laugh and become fond of my crazy motherly tendencies and feel all the more loved and cared for because of it. Or perhaps with time, and some wine, I will relax a little more. In any case, I am certain that I will love with such intensity and I cannot wait for that.Image

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