The greatest gift

This is a Made-By-Hand Afghan from Mama Ranson. (You know I cried.) Wrapping it around my body mysteriously warms my spirit as I feed my soul.

I also received a Made-By-Hand quilt from Erin (sister-in-love) for our wedding and it has brought me so much joy and happiness. EVERYTIME I see it, lighting up our bedroom, I think of the time and work and love that went into it.

There is no gift that beats that.

When I see these things, given to me by other people, I think about how blessed I am. My Mom has almost single handedly supplied every working piece needed in my kitchen. The (I could never afford on my own) mixer from the Harris family that makes me smile every time I use it. The pillow with one of my favorite verses personally inscribed on the back by my best friend. The canvas of the city of Cincinnati given to us by all of our friends when we moved.

These are not just THINGS to me, but daily reminders of the people around me who care enough to be generous, thoughtful, and loving. They are reminders that I am SO BLESSED.

I’m nearly a puddle of emotions that just wants to cry and hug and yell from rooftops to those people how grateful I am for them, and for the reminders in my home of them. I still get to see them and think of them everyday. I still get to wrap myself up in their love and lay on their lap.

That is the greatest gift.


  • Yes! Every time I tuck Lissie in under afghans made by Mom or Grandma, or see the tutu you made her hanging on her closet door, or see somebody dash by wearing a Sara-made superhero cape, I get all happy. Treasures, not because of what, but because of WHO.

  • Beautiful! This may sound strange, but I feel the same way about some of my recipes! I have many recipes shared with me by sweet friends and family members. Every time I make one of them, my mind goes to that person and, many times, to the lunch, party, or special event where we shared food and laughs and I asked for their recipe. It always makes me smile! 🙂

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