That Church Conference: What I learned about using social media in a Church environment


A few months ago, I was forwarded a church conference suggestion by a co-worker, and I thought, “Meh. What the heck…”

YOU GUYS. How highly did I underestimate the divine appointment that this conference, nay, this COMMUNITY was.

Communication and social media gurus from all kinds of different churches and businesses shared their wisdom and passion with us. Inspiring us to reach more people for the kingdom than we ever could with just our buildings.

Big picture: Social Media is not a megaphone to shout noise at people, it’s a telephone to connect, relate to, and draw in people. And if we’re not listening to people, we can’t minister to people. As a church, we have the amazing opportunity to reach millions of people via our online presence. If we choose to engage, we can get people’s attention that might not have thought twice about church, or really needed to hear that particular message that particular day.

The choppy waters of the 2D world is a new place for most of us, and we’re trying our best to leverage it for the gospel.

I can’t even tell you how great it was to sit in a room of like-minded people, all hungering for direction as we navigate our ships through the cumbersome channels of social media communication and digital strategy. The good news is that we’re all in this together. We’re offering lifelines and navigational tools to help pave the way. And even when we fail at it, we’ve got people around us to offer support and prayer.

If you’re looking for more practical things, email me at and I’ll give you ALL MY NOTES or go to That Church Conference next year. It’s worth all the things.

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