Summer Reading List

My (wonderful) Mother-In-Law suggested I blog about what books I’m reading / have read and so here goes it.


“Bittersweet” by Shauna Niequist is a beautiful blog-like book about her experiences with miscarriage, moving, job changing, friend changing, and all-around life change. She makes me laugh, and makes me think. I love her relaxed writing style, and the way she looks at struggle. I love the people that she pulls around her, and how to invests into them and them into her. It’s a heartfelt read that’s good for the soul. My favorite quote thus far, “When life is good, give thanks and celebrate. And when life is hard, give thanks and grow.”



“Orphan Train” by Christina Baker Kline is an historical fiction novel, that follows the stories of two different women, in two different decades, with one similar story. Orphan Trains were a real occurrence in America, before CPS, and before people knew what to do with the youth that were running rampant in big cities. It definitely ignited to desire to foster / adopt, but also reminded me of people’s resilience. How even though we may walk through really ugly things, we can end up in really beautiful places.


“Girl Meets God” by Lauren Winner. I picked this book up off a suggestion for one of her other books (which I will ALSO read) and I am SO GLAD that I did. Lauren was raised by a mother who walked away from the Baptist church, and a Jewish Father. When she was a teenager, she converted to Judaism and then as an adult, Christianity. I learned so much about Judaism that I didn’t know. Her questions about religion are deep, insightful, and urged me to look at myself and WHY I believe what I believe. Also, I learned a lot of new words. Her vocabulary is definitely broader than mine 🙂

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