Personal Reflection: God Moves In Mysterious Ways

Sometimes I wish that God would just send me an email laying out exactly what to do. WHY does He have to speak through my head and my heart when they’re so messed up? Sorting through my personal emotions to discern my spiritual convictions is like trying to pick out a certain carrot in a melting pot of vegetable soup. 

Yet, God says that He will guide my steps. He will guide my steps when I feel like I’m about to step on thin air instead of a solid stepping stone. And since fear (what I’m experiencing) is the opposite of faith (what I’m lacking), I need to remind myself that the God who has worked out so many things, is good. He desires to direct me, He WANTS me to be where He is, and as long as I’m listening, even if what I think I hear is wrong, He’ll turn me around. Right. 

Deep breaths.

“Be brave. Be strong. Don’t give up. Expect God to get here soon.” (Thanks, David)


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