One stone at a time

Carving out time for anything is difficult.

“Hurry is the great enemy” – Dallas Willard

But carving out time for God seems to be the most difficult. (That and exercise because let’s be honest, It totally ruins my wash hair twice a week game.)

This morning I was reminded that our time is precious. There’s no guilt to feel about that. But that precious time, when chosen to sit before the Father, doesn’t go unnoticed. No matter how small.

The Bible tells us that we can move mountains. I’ve always pictured that as this momentous “now you see it now you don’t” act. But I’m starting to realize that sometimes moving mountains is just chipping away at it, one stone at a time.

It’s being faithful in the day to day. It’s showing up. No matter how scary or mundane.

God moves mountains in the mundane.

Whatever time you have to talk to God, read the words He wrote, or just sit in the quiet, cherish it. Do it. And don’t feel guilty about the little or the much.

Just move forward, one stone at a time.

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