KitchenAid Mixer

ImageDo you see this beautiful piece of equipment? This mixer, in all of it’s glory, is just the beginning of a lot of wonderfully delicious meals that are going to fill the Ranson household. An AMAZING wedding present from the Harris family (shout out to the Ahce’s!), it sits stoically on my counter. A true beauty it is. Okay, so I may obsess over great appliances, but we all have our thing, right? Don’t judge.

And there’s no better food to break in your cherished mixer, than BROWNIES. And not just any brownies, home-made from scratch, Ande’s mint chocolate covered, Pioneer Woman inspired brownies! YUMMMM. If you want to follow the actual recipe and not just the few photos I snapped during production, go here for the real deal:

…Mmmmm the batter battering…


…The Ande’s Mint chopped up…


….The mess of the baking…


Resulting in some delicious results. (I need to learn more words apparently). I apologize for the lack of pictures of the brownie itself, but once it was baked, I was WAY TOO DISTRACTED by the actual eating to bother  with the picture taking. I’ll get better 🙂

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