Crazy Cycle

This whole parenting gig is hard.


It makes you feel a bit like a crazy person, and some days I feel like I’ve absolutely lost my mind.

I spent the weekends with some BFF’s in Tennessee and it was gorgeous and life giving and fun and the mountains were okay too.

The first night I was like a spunky school girl dancing and prancing at the reality of being out past 7pm or eating dinner with both hands in one setting.

But then the crazy set in.

You know what I’m talking about. The crazy that is when every microbe of your body is yearning is for privacy at home but then the moment you’re separated, you miss miss your baby so bad you never knew why you wanted alone time in the first place.

The crazy that is counting down the literal minutes to bedtime and then as soon as they’re asleep staring longingly into the monitor as if they weren’t just wailing and throwing spaghettios all over your kitchen a few moments ago.

I don’t understand it. I don’t know that I ever will.

But I do know that this is part of it. The ebb and flow of snuggling your babies and smelling their sweet faces to hiding to eat twizzlers in your closet.

Parenting is hard, we’re all a little bit crazy, and everything and everyone is gonna be just fine.

I hope.

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