Amanda Palmer on Community

I watched this, and it was interesting, but odd. This gal is perhaps the opposite of me in every way, and has a very twisted idea of “freedom”. I like the idea of networking, and connecting with people, that’s something that gets lost more and more with each new social media site and technological device, however, I’m almost too distracted by her troubled spirit (not to mention those EYEBROWS and sweaty / hairy armpits) to pluck out her good points about community….What a cool person to have in the kingdom, I love radical people, but radical for the right things. She’s definitely tormented, perhaps even self-inflicted to an extent, which I (ashamedly) admit relating to. An aspect I see a lot in people who God has a specific GREAT COMMUNITY purpose for; the enemy pinpoints their emotionally passionate spirit and causes great damage, causing them to either fight for the wrong things or to become altogether passive, essentially numbed by fear.

I want more people like this in the Kingdom, people to rock the boat and reach out to people in aggressive and uncomfortable ways. Knock down our walls, get involved in our lives, ASK and not DEMAND for help. Be willing to connect and BE WILLING TO RECEIVE. A lesson I definitely need to learn.

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