A Journey West – Las Vegas

As most of you know, G and I took a trip West with a group of friends to view LOTS of places. It was wonderfully exhausting, and I already want to go back. There’s a lot I could write, a million pictures I could post, but I’ll spare you the novel and put the highlights here. To keep it simple, I’ll blog each place we went separately.

(Forewarning: We didn’t break out our actual camera until we hit the road, so all of these pictures are TERRIBLE in quality. But something is better than nothing. Our friends took some pictures on their actual camera, so hopefully we’ll be getting some of those soon too!)

We all flew into Las Vegas on the first day. G and I got there a few hours before our Cincinnati friends, so we walked down the strip to a restaurant that was recommended to us. I will not comment on this restaurant, except that it was off the beaten path and it was terrible. But hey, you win some you lose some. We stayed at the “New York New York” hotel, which was SO MUCH FUN, and even had a roller coaster?! Crazy.

G and I DID get to see the water show at the Bellagio. Yes. It is as amazing as it seems.


But by the time we had walked to and from dinner, I was already over Las Vegas. Don’t get me wrong, the buildings are awesome, there are certainly lots of lights, but the whole things felt like an overdone outdoor mall. If there’s anything I did like about Vegas, it was THE FOOD. Oh mylanta, the food. There were so many things to eat, and we only scratched the surface. But it was a lovely scratch and I’m glad for it. The next day we stuffed our faces at a buffet, in the Wynn hotel, for breakfast. We toured around different hotels and took tons and tons of pictures.

This is us after Breakfast. The Wynn was so beautiful inside! Even good pictures wouldn’t do it justice.


On Friday night, we had a delicious dinner and then we went to go see Cirque De Soleil “O”. I had never seen a Cirque De Soleil show before, and neither had G. WOW. It was phenomenal. I was probably most impressed by the staging and how in the world they turned the stage into a pool of water and then solid ground again. It was already so dark, so this is the best picture we could get.

This is us right before the show!


This isn’t a picture I took, but this is about the view we had.

Picture 10_0

This is all of us after the show! I LOVE huge group selfies. Even though the quality is terrible, I love having everyone’s faces. IMG_2865

We hit the hay early Friday night, because the next day, we head to the Grand Canyon!

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