Furstenburg Nature Area {hike}

So we went to Furstenburg today. A short drive from our home, and an easy (or so we thought) hike through the snow.


Not much to elaborate on, except that we completely underestimated the difficulty in trudging through several feet of snow, but it was incredibly beautiful. The sun glittering off the untouched blanket of snow, inches of snow delicately resting on every branch, the river completely frozen over and dusted with white.

Here are some of our pictures:

FurstenburgNatureArea_2014-3 FurstenburgNatureArea_2014-20 FurstenburgNatureArea_2014-10 FurstenburgNatureArea_2014-19 FurstenburgNatureArea_2014-6 FurstenburgNatureArea_2014-13 FurstenburgNatureArea_2014-5 FurstenburgNatureArea_2014-4